2020 Scholarship Awards

Pat Ettensohn and Pat Rutledge

Scholarship Committee Chair and Co-Chair


Due the Coronavirus, the selection process for the Noontime Rotary Club Scholarships looked very different this year.  On May 8th Pat Ettensohn, Chair of the Committee, moderated a meeting to review this year’s applications.  The reviewers of the applications were George Abounader, Durell Buzzini, Tom Menaker, Jim Richards and Pat Rutledge.  A special thank you to Gene D’Onofrio for taking the time to scan all of the application documents and transmit them electronically to the reviewers.


Fifteen applications in all were received: two from St. John Neumann; three from Lely High School; and ten from Marco Island Academy. Through discussion and weighing pluses and minuses, several students began to rise to the top. 


Financial need was a key area of focus; academics, voluntarism and extracurricular activities were also considered. 


The final choices agreed upon by all the reviewers were as follows:


Jasmine Saldana – Lely High School – Four Year Scholarship ($12,000)


Bekzodjon Rahmonov – Marco Island Academy – Four Year Scholarship ($12,000)


Mason Iaconelli – Lely High School – Freshman Grant ($3,000)


Jenna Palumbo – Marco Island Academy – Freshman Grant ($3,000)


Members of the committee agree that the decisions were difficult with many deserving students having applied.


 Bekzodjon Rahmonov    Jenna Palumbo